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DATES: OCT 6-9 201

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JUST ADDED!!! "Spectre Spotlight"
Annual Reunion Recap and Business Report



SAD NEWS:  Dwight David Spaulding, age 62, (Spectre Life Support Ubon 71-72) passed away on Saturday, October 3, 2015


16 SOS ACFT #69569 BONEYARD RETIREMENT UPDATE!  Photos/Story of the Ceremony

NEW:  Great story about the new aircraft coming SOON:  http://breakingdefense.com/2015/03/afsoc-rebuilds-air-burning-fleet-under-new-co-lt-gen-heithold/

Cool Story:  Spectre Pilot sets Guinness World Record "The Oldest Active Pilot"

SACRAMENTO — Peter Weber Jr. flew a plane for about 20 minutes on a recent Monday. The flight was nothing fancy, just three looping circles around an area airfield. But it could nonetheless snag a Guinness world record for him.

Weber, 95, told reporters gathered to witness the event that the Monday flight qualifies him as the oldest active pilot.

“I feel great,” the retired U.S. Air Force veteran said after landing and turning in the keys of the rental plane. “It was a short flight, but it was all the (Guinness) requirements.”

For the record: Weber was 95 years, 4 months and 23 days old at the time of the flight.

Weber and his son, Pete Weber III, who also flies, started looking into the record after they wondered whether the elder Weber was the oldest pilot in California.

Guinness lists Cole Kugel as the oldest pilot ever. Kugel, who lived in Longmont, Colo., flew for the last time in 2007 at age 105. He died the same year.

Weber, who exchanged emails with Guinness over many weeks, said the record keepers have designated a new category: Oldest qualified pilot still licensed and flying solo.

Weber’s record attempt comes as most people his age consider giving up driving a car, said Jessica Gonzalez, a spokeswoman for the California Department of Motor Vehicles. Forty percent of Californians over the age of 85 are licensed drivers, according to DMV and census records. Weber is one of them.

Private pilots over 40 are required to have medical exams every 24 months. The number of pilots over 90 with valid medical clearances totaled 106 as of June 2013, said Ian Gregor, a spokesman for the Federal Aviation Administration’s Pacific Division.

“If somebody passes me up, I’ll call them up and congratulate them,” Weber said.

On the potential record-setting flight, he flew alone in a rented Diamond DA20. It’s one of 37 plane models he’s flown in his 72 years as a pilot.

Weber’s military career began in the Army’s combat engineers unit. However, after the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor, he passed the test to be an aviation cadet and started his flying career in the Army Air Corps, forerunner of the U.S. Air Force.

During World War II, he flew P-38 fighters in the South Pacific, was an instrument flight instructor during the Korean War and flew an AC-130 gunship in Vietnam.

Weber, who began military service as a private, retired from the Air Force in 1970 as a lieutenant colonel. Since then he has flown for fun.

“I like to fly,” he said. “I fly at least twice a month. I like to observe and take anybody up for a ride who wants to go.”

He said that his good health, mental acuity and long life can be traced in part to his diet.

“My wife, Ruth, is a good cook,” he said. “We’ve been married 72 years. I was a cadet in primary flight training when we got married.”


SAD NEWS:  Please check the Deceased Spectres Page as we got word of a few passing's in the past couple of years and they are updated for the info we know.


AC-130 H Gunships 'Spectre'
Vol 3, Issue 2



Date:  6 May 2014
Location:  Canon AFB, NM
Guest Speaker:  Lt Gen Fiel

Ceremony was awesome!  A special Thank You to the men and women of the 16th SOS for hosting this great event and all the super hospitality to the former Spectres that attended.  The highlight was the dedication of Acft 69-6572 at the airpark




Special THANKS to Ed Metz for his $100 Donation to the Spectre Scholarship Fund in Memory of his buddy (and all of ours) Gunner Larry Hickey.  Thanks Ed as well for the Photo of Larry's Memorial

More Prayers Needed: Bob Pike has Lung Cancer. He is in Tucson Medical Center, they are going to do biopsy on him 3/7/2014


NEW!!!  1st Spectre Association Reunion Original Newspaper Article!  From (then) SMSgt Jim McHale.  Thanks Jim for sharing!

NEW!!!  Compliments of grimriper2u@yahoo.com and BOB WOLFE
EVERY Version of Ghostriders in the Sky!!!  Just click the "Play" VCR Button Below and the forward and back buttons for next versions...enjoy!!!

SP Hotel Korat Article
Spectre guys doing what Spectre guys do!

Jan 18, 2013 Hurlburt Warrior Newspaper
"The most fearsome weapon is evolving" featured on pg. 14

And DON'T MISS our President, Bill Walter, featured on pg. 4 as well!
Thanks to Don "The Chief" Beardsley for sending this in!


NEW BOOK:  SPECTRE GUNNER:  This is the true story of  Master Sergeant David M. Burns, an aerial gunner assigned to the deadliest squadron in air force history. Aboard the AC-130 Spectre gunship, he flew a total of 287 combat missions over Laos, South Vietnam, and Cambodia, in pursuit of the truck traffic coming down the Ho Chi Minh Trail. His squadron destroyed more than fifteen thousand trucks loaded with war munitions destined for South Vietnam and Cambodia. Despite heavy and constant anti-aircraft and missile fire, the loss of six aircraft and the lives of fifty-two men, the crew never wavered in its dedication to the mission.

BLAST FROM THE PAST!  First Flight Engineers at Ubon
Photo from MSgt Chuck Beasley (FE) & Charlie Spicka (AC)


U.S. Air Force Col. Bill West, 27th Special Operations Group commander, Lt. Col. Tracy Onufer, 16th Special Operations Squadron relinquishing commander, and Lt. Col. James Mott, 16 SOS commander, stand as they commence the 16 SOS change of command ceremony at Cannon Air Force Base, N.M., Nov. 9, 2012. The 16 SOS flies the AC-130H Spectre gunship and provides air support. (U.S. Air Force photo/Senior Airman Jette Carr)

NEW!!!  New Videos from Ubon 1972 Donated by Larry "LiL Pete" Peterson...Thanks LiL Pete! AND 1970 "Sockey Game"
Photos of Spectre -v- Special Forces

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LOTS of NEW Spectre Pride & Vietnam Photos...check them out!
(Don't miss the Lang Metzger Memorial Page as well)


Recently Declassified Report on
Fixed Wing Gunships in SEA!


Also NEW:  LOTS of NEW Photos of Rescue of "Spectre 22" and...
A Night to Remember Rescue of Spectre 22

...by Gunner Bob Jacobs

NEW Aircraft Audio from March 30, 1972
Spectre 22 MayDay
Spectre 22 Rescue

Full Page of NEW 1969Ubon Photos

from Gunner Len Johnson

Also...May 25, 1969 Ubon Stars and Stripes Article on the Loss of #629

A small Christmas Gift from us all!  Downloadable Christmas cards to email to your friends.  Just click on the small image then right click, "Save Image as" to save to your computer and email away!  Merry Christmas!!!

A-Model H-Model
ATTN SPECTRES:  The 16 SOS Commander (Lt Col Onufer) is asking for crew nametags/Crew/Morale Patches to be proudly displayed on the new 16 SOS Patch Wall (click on Photo at Left to view Large) at Canon AFB, NM.  We already have a bunch of old name patches that we'll get added this week, but if anyone wants to send theirs, the more the merrier!  Anyone interested can mail their patches to: 

16 SOS

608 Liberator Ave

Cannon AFB, NM 88101  ATTN:  Patch Wall

United States Special Operations Command (USSOCOM) Commander Admiral Eric Olson inducted Air Commando       Chief Master Sergeant Bill Walter (SPECTRE GUNNER) into the USSOCOM Commando Hall of Honor, Monday, 16 May at MacDill, AFB, FL. Click to visit page





Ret CMSgt Anthony (Tony) Denoi was honored this year at the Mercer Memorial Day 500 on Memorial Day May 30, 2011.  Please congratulate Tony if you know him!

Link to Photo Page

NEW BOOK!!!     
Callsign: Spectre

By Jeff Noecker

Callsign: Spectre is the true story of a young man from a small town in Pennsylvania who grows up and enlists in the United States Air Force at nineteen. Nearly forty years after the fact, Jeff Noecker recounts his combat flight experiences from the Vietnam War flying in an AC-130 Spectre gunship. The story follows him from his initial air force training to being accepted into an unusual Special Operations unit.


The 16th Special Operations Squadron has it's FIRST Female Commander! 

Congratulations to Lt. Col Tracy Onufer who took Command of the
16 SOS on 22 Feb 2011

"Spirit 03" Gulf War, Jan 31, 1991 (Aircraft 69-6567)


Shot down near the Kuwaiti border while supporting the Marines during the first Iraq offensive on January 31, 1991. The Air Force's biggest single lost of the Gulf War (14 out of 20 Air Force Personnel killed in the Gulf War were from Spirit 03).  See more info on Spirit 03 Page

Both the Litho and Poster above are awesome "MUST HAVE" remembrance of the loss of these brave heroes ALL proceeds (100%) go to the Special Operations Warrior Foundation
for the families of fallen Special Operators (Click on their logo at left to see the wonderful things they do).  See Litho and Poster order info on our online store page

"Gunny" R. Lee Ermey on the 40mm!
Download the Bill Walter Article
Fact vs. Folklore; the 40mm "L-60" Bofors Gun

Dave Burns Account of his "Trip to Tchepone"
(with photos Dec 2010)

Need Help with Names on all Photos for accuracy.  Please send me your inputs.  Start with brand new crew photo on lower Vietnam Pg 14.  Thanks!  ALSO, check out the funny stories under Spectre History, Hootch Stories.  -PJ Cook

Cool Spectre Tribute knife from a proud nephew of a Vietnam Gunner

16 SOS Has Moved to NM!

Click on Hurlburt Warrior Pic to read more.  We will miss you guys & gals and of course, the

NEW!!!  Clearance Items are available in limited quantities

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