53-3129  "The First Lady"
Also FIRST known as
The Arbitrator"

The first production C-130A to come off the line.
green bullet for listing purposes Converted to 4-bladed props in the late 1980's
Retired from AFRES late 1995.
Retirement Ceremony:  10 Sep 95. 
Final Live Fire:  28 Sep 1995.
Now on display in the final AFRES configuration (grey paint, black markings, 4-blade Hamilton Standard props) at the USAF Armament Museum, Eglin AFB, Fla.

Click for MANY more Pics of this wonderful Lady

Recent find!  Mission Logs from the early Spectre Days.  Submitted from Jeff Noceker




54-1623  Ghost Rider

On display at Dobbins AFB, GA
with 3-bladed props.
54-1623 - The tenth production C-130A (c/n 3010), converted in 1968 to a AC-130A gunship











Photo of The Warlord - Click to view larger image54-1625  The Warlord
The Warlord
while truck hunting along the southern portion of the Ho Chi Minh trail, in Laos. While strafing the trucks, the AC-130 Gunship, from the 16th SOS, was hit by 37 mm AAA, catching fire. Ten crewmen were listed as KIA. Staff Sergeant E. Fields was the only survivor.[

Shot down over the Trail 21 April 1970
    Lt. Col. C. Rowley
    Lt. Col. C. Davis
    Maj. D. Fischer,     Maj. W. Brooks
    Lt. John Towle,     MSgt. R. Ireland
    Sgt. T. Adachi,     Sgt. D. Harris
    Sgt. R. Hensley,     A1C. D. Lint


54-1626  Vulcan Express,
also Super Spooky



Prototype AC-130A modification.
Initial configuration was 4x20mm
and 4x7.62mm.
Now on display at the Air Force Museum, Wright-Patterson AFB OH, carries the name Azrael
Was seen 8/96 at the AF Museum by Tom Robison. He reports there was no name or artwork of any kind on the plane, and all the gun ports have been covered. Still has the Black Crow and
the other "humps and bumps," otherwise it was difficult to tell it was an AC-130.


Gomer Grinder

  Retired to AMARC at Davis-Monthan AFB, AZ

















The Exterminator

Retired to AMARC at Davis-Monthan AFB, AZ

















54-1629 (No Name or Nose Art)

Battle damaged over Laos, crashed and burned at Ubon RTAFB, 24 May 1969.  The first AC-130A loss of the warThe first AC-130A loss of the war.  while on armed reconnaissance (a.k.a. "truck hunting") over Southern Laos. The aircraft, piloted by Lieutenant Colonel W. H Schwehm, was hit by 57 mm AAA while orbiting at over 6,000 feet. LTC Schwehm had ordered his crewmen to bail out as they approached the airfield, while he attempted an emergency landing at his Ubon Air Base. As the battle damaged Spectre touched down, the right undercarriage collapsed and the Gunship veered off the runway into an obstacle, catching fire. Eleven crewmen survived, but Staff Sergeants Cecil Taylor and Jack W. Troglen were killed in action.[
    SSgt. C. F. Taylor
    SSgt. J. W. Troglen


54-1630  Mores de Callis' (USAF),
Azreal - Angel of Death

Flew at least three missions in Desert Storm
On display at the USAF Museum.



55-0011 Surprise Package or Night Stalker

Photo of Surprise Package - Click to view larger image Prototype Pave Pronto aircraft
Retired to AMARC at Davis-Monthan AFB, AZ

Surprise Package


Photo of Surprise Package - Click to view larger image
Surprise Package






55-0014  Jaws of Death

Affectionately know as "Ball 14"

Reportedly flew more than 20 missions in Desert Storm.

Retired to Robins AFB Museum


From 1971 Crew Chief Phil Vicknair:  I was crew chief on in 1971.  AA damage during mission and penetrated the wing in the fuel cell.  The photos on the History of A Models shows a new 014....these are after numerous missions wore off the shininess (or maybe they were re-painted?)


Side note:  I assisted the crew chief on 0044 when it sustained battle damage in 1971.  Both #3 & #4 props were blown off by AAA-the crew did a phenomenal job flying the aircraft back to home base in Ubon, and landing.  A special factory team from Lockheed came in to R&R the wing.  Unfortunately it was lost the next year when a SAM knocked it out of the skies over  "this is BattleDamage" is from 0044, I believe. 


Also a photo of me outside the Spectre maintenance barracks...


55-0029  Midnight Express

Flew until 1994
Retired to AMARC at Davis-Monthan AFB, AZ
















55-0040  Orion The Hunter

67th C-130 built

'040' was retired, in whole, to AMARC in '76.  Boneyard records verify it, as well as photos from the era.  Besides, how could it retire in '67 when only one gunship, 626, existed in '67?  It was repainted gunship grey, from the SEA camo/black, transferred to Duke, then deemed un-maintainable do to corrosion issues.







55-0043  Name unknown

Shot down by SA-7 SAM over the A Shau Valley 18 June 1972
    Maj. G. F. Ayers
    Maj. R. H. Harrison
    Capt. M. G. Danielson
    Capt. P. F. Gilbert
    Capt. R. A. Wilson
    SMSgt. J. E. Mercer
    TSgt. R. M. Cole
    SSgt. D. H. Klinke
    TSgt. L. J. Newman
    TSgt. R. E. Nyhof
    Sgt. S. L. Lehrke
    SSgt. L. A. Hunt
The Hercules, call sign "Spectre 11," was conducting a night armed reconnaissance mission to attack elite NVA forces known to be infiltrating from Laos into South Vietnam along the Ho Chi Minh Trail. Spectre 11 was making its second attack pass over the target area when it received a direct hit in the number 3 engine by a Strela SA-7 missile. A small explosion occurred and the right wing separated from the aircraft. The airplane descended in flames and crashed in the rugged jungle covered mountains west of the A Shau Valley.

Arlington, DC Photo of 043 Crew Grave Marker Courtesy of

Henry (Hank) Rother

Maj USAF Ret

55-0044  Prometheus 
Piloted by Major Irving B. Ramsower, from the 16th SOS, 8th TFW, was destroyed by a surface-to-air missile (SAM) while truck hunting over the Ho Chi Minh Trail. There were no survivors.

# 3 & 4 props shot off November 1971.
Shot down by SA-2 SAM over Tchepone, Laos, 29 March 1972
    Maj. H. P. Brauner
    Maj. L. B. Ramsower
    Maj. H. D. Stephenson
    Capt. R. Castillo
    Capt. R. C. Halpin
    Capt. C. D. Miller
    Capt. C. T. Wanzell
    Capt. R. B. Young
    SSgt. J. K. Cantford
    SSgt. M. L. Paulson
    SSgt. R. J. Pearce
    SSgt. R. D. Smith
   Sgt. W. A. Todd
    A1C. R. R. Simmons

Arlington, DC Photo of 044 Crew Grave Marker Courtesy of

Henry (Hank) Rother

Maj USAF Ret



55-0046  Proud Warrior



Retired to AMARC at
Davis-Monthan AFB, AZ



56-0469  Grim Reaper

Retired to Sheppard AFB, TX, cut up, fuselage sent to Hurlburt as a gun trainer with cockpit intact.

Some of her weapons were removed for armament systems apprentice training at Sheppard.





56-0471  Blind Bat

Test aircraft for the Black Crow truck ignition locating system. Never flew as a Spectre gunship.
Finished its tour of duty with the 105th TAS/118 TAW at Nashville as a slick.
Retired to AMARC at Davis-Monthan AFB, AZ in 1987 when the unit converted to H-models.















56-0490  Thor

Photo of Thor - Click to view larger image

Thor - Ubon - Dec 1969
  Shot down near Pakse Laos 21 Dec. 1972. 
Pilot Captain Harry R. Lagerwall was attacking three trucks at nearly 8,000 feet, when he was struck by 37 mm AAA. The Spectre, 56-0490, named Thor, exploded into flames and only two crewmen managed to safely bail out; the remaining 14 crewmen perished.

    Maj. P. O. Meder
    Maj. R. A. Walsh
    Capt. J. R. Birch
    Capt. D. R. Dickens
    Capt. T. J. Hart
    Capt. S. N. Kroboth
    Capt. H. R. Lagerwall
    Capt. R. L. Liles
    Lt. G. D. Macdonald
    SSgt. R. T. Elliott
    TSgt. J. Q. Winningham
    TSgt. J. P. Fuller
    A1C. C. R. Fenter
    A1C. R. K. Reaid

56-0509  Raids Kill um Dead or Ultimate End

On display at Air Commando Airpark, Hurlburt AFB, Fla. in Ubon combat configuration (black paint, red markings, Aeroproduct 3-blade props).













"A" Models ROCK!

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