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Saving you time and money, delivering medicine to your door
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By David N. Tornberg, MD, MPH
Deputy assistant secretary of defense for clinical and program policy

As a Tricare beneficiary, you enjoy a robust pharmacy benefit. To make the most of your benefit, Tricare encourages you to fill your prescriptions using the Tricare Mail Order Pharmacy (TMOP) program, currently managed by Express Scripts Inc.

Why Should I Use the TMOP?
It is safe and reliable. Registered pharmacists will check your combined medication history regardless of where you received your prescriptions-military treatment facility, retail pharmacy or mail order pharmacy-to avoid potentially adverse drug interactions.

You will save time.
The TMOP is the most convenient and easy way to get your prescriptions because they are delivered directly to your home. When you use the TMOP, you don't need to travel to drug stores or spend time waiting for the pharmacy to fill your prescriptions.

You will save money.
You will enjoy significant savings by using the TMOP rather than retail network pharmacies for your maintenance medications. You may order up to a 90-day supply of your medications for the same cost as a 30-day supply through a retail network pharmacy. That is a 66 percent savings on your medications.

How Do I Order Refills?
You may refill your prescriptions by mail, phone or by visiting the Express Scripts Web site at www.express-scripts.com at least two weeks before the prescription runs out. Check the label of your current TMOP medications for the date you should request a refill. You must pay for orders you place by telephone or online by check or credit card. There is no charge for active duty service members. The TMOP will deliver your medications usually within 14 days from the date the TMOP receives your request.

If you forget to request a refill on time, you may still get your medications by using expedited shipping and handling, which is available for an additional charge. Contact Express Scripts Inc., the TMOP administrator, by using the phone numbers and the address below.

In the 50 United States and its territories -- 1-866-363-8667
Outside the 50 United States and its territories --1-866-275-4732, select option 1
TDD (for the deaf and hard of hearing) -- 1-877-540-6261

Express Scripts mailing address:
P.O. Box 52150
Phoenix, AZ 85072-9954

The TMOP has many convenient online services. You may refill your prescription online, and you may also use the web site to:
  • Print forms to fill new prescriptions; and

  • Check your order status.

  • You have access to a registered pharmacist at any time via a toll free number to answer any questions about your prescription.
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