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Spectre Spotlight 2006
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Recent events have created some consternation among the membership concerning the manner in which the Keeper of the ELEPHANTS has been selected. To quell those concerns, I feel it necessary that we publish some basic ground rules for the selection of the Keeper, as well as the care and possession of these revered symbols. Having been the organization President when they were given to the association, I felt that I should undertake that awesome responsibility. With it I've included a short history so everyone understands the significance of these specimens and the responsibility that accompanies them, and some of the perks that accompany this responsibility.  
History & Rules for the Guardianship
Of The
Promiscuous (Loxodonta Cyclotis Elephas Maximus) Pachyderms
Logo of the Promiscuous Pachyderms  
A charter member of the Spectre Association (Richard Nyhof) was shot down on a Gunship mission in Southeast Asia on 18 June 1972 and is commemorated on Viet Nam Memorial Panel 1 W. His possessions were later forwarded to his family. Among his returned possessions were hand-carved Teak Wood Elephants. His parents decided that the appropriate place for these Promiscuous Pachyderms was with a group of people who understood Rich's attachment to the system he flew on, and who would afford these prized possessions of one of their own the appropriate care and reverence. They donated these fine specimens to the organization in his memory and we (The Spectre Association) are tasked with the responsibility to accord them the appropriate care and honor they truly deserve. When originally donated, the Spectre Association Board made a decision that they should be shared amongst the membership. Therefore, the following rules govern their placement and care.  
1. The person charged with the care of these honored specimens will be selected at each reunion from the membership present, and that person will have the responsibility for their proper care for one year.  
2. The person selected to care for these fine specimens must be, or have been, a crew member on the Gunship, a member of a Gunship Squadron, or member of a Gunship Maintenance Organization, and be a Spectre Association Member in good standing.  
3. The member selected is committed to attending the next Gunship reunion. (If circumstances are known at selection that they will be unable to attend the next reunion or the selectee feels he or she cannot undertake this awesome responsibility the selectee must so state such at the drawing.)  
4. The travels of the specimens must be recorded appropriately throughout the Keeper' possession and added to the package they inherit upon selection.  
5. The original specimens cannot be altered, but additional accoutrements may be added and included within the guidelines of "Good Taste, Reverence, and SPECTRE TRADITION."  
6. The Keeper may not serve for consecutive years but may accept this responsibility after a break of at least one year.  
7. From date of selection forward in perpetuity the Keeper will be authorized to prominently display the PP (Promiscuous Pachyderm) patch on his/her party suit next to or near the Spectre Emblem. A star will be added to the patch each time a member serves as Keeper for a subsequent term.  
With a Raised Right Hand
Within the governing rules, I (State Your Name) swear that I will abide by the Promiscuous Pachyderms Rules for (1) one year. YHOOOOOOOOOOO.
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