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Spectre Spotlight 2006
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By Roger Betterelli
Do you suppose they know I drank the last Bloody Mary?  
Spectre Association, Inc.

P.O. Box 707, Mary Esther FL 32569-0707

October 7, 2006
10:00 A.M., Plaza Hotel, Las Vegas NV

Meeting was called to order by President Pat Carpenter with the following board members present: Jerry Appleby, Norm Evans, Larry Hickey, Roger Betterelli, Barry Gossman & Quartermaster Mike Skerrett. A Membership of 73 were also present.

Pledge of Allegiance -- We proudly used the flag on Gunner Jack's party suit.

Minutes from the 32nd Annual Membership meeting -- Read and accepted with one change.

Selection of POW/MIA Table Representatives - Pilot (Jerry Hampleman), Navigator (Dennis Brussard), Fire Control Officer (Bob Reynolds), Flight Engineer (Jerry Appleby), Gunner (Gary Thompson), Sensor Operator (Bill Allen), Electronic Warfare Officer (Sonny Beach), Illuminator/Load (Angelo Pearson)

Update of Combined Reunion with AC-47s & AC-119s - Norm Evans briefed that the major problem is finding a facility large enough with an ample number of rooms available in the immediate area. A task group of Spectre members and the 47/119 group has been formed to tackle the problem.

Treasurers Report - Income for 2005/2006 - $11,463, Expenses for 2005/2006 - $ 6,238, Total of $5225 operating capital

CD Vanguard Bank $28,333
CD First Nat Bank & Trust $1,168
MM First Nat Bank & Trust $5,024
Work Acct First Nat Bank & Trust $20,330
Inventory $5,500
Equipment $700

Scholarship Drawing -- Gunner Jack drew the primary and secondary envelope, initialed them and gave them to the president to be opened at the banquet.

Tax Exempt Status - Spectre Association is awaiting confirmation from the state before applying for Tax Exemption as a Military Support Organization.

Initiative Results - Votes were received and counted to amend the by-laws and allow members who live outside the Fort Walton Beach area to serve as Board members. Total votes received were 44; of those 40 were for the initiative and 4 were against. This amendment is passed.

Nominations for Board Members - the Board provided the following slate of members willing and able to serve on the board for complete terms. The proposed members were Dick Vancil for VP, Norm Evans for Board Member, Kim Coryat for Board Member, Chuck Kaczmarczky for Board Member, and Mark Johnson for Board Member. Nominations from the floor were requested, none received. Nominations were closed.

Out-of-Town Reunions - The President asked that future out-of-town reunions be sequenced using this years' reunion as the base year to allow sufficient time to properly plan and prepare. A motion was introduced by Harry Bigham and seconded By Bob Reynolds to use this years' reunion as a base for planning future out-of-town reunions. Motion Passed

Method for selection of location for Out-of-Town reunions - It was brought up that three years ago a by-law amendment was proposed and voted on, but the results of that vote were never posted due to the loss of the business meeting minutes. Gary Thompson moved that we vote again for amending article VIII of the by-laws to read the way that location selection has been accomplished. Motion was seconded and passed. Board will publish current Article VIII and proposed article VIII for the membership to vote on.

Gunner Jack - Gunner Jack expressed his thanks and love for the people and the organization for all the cards, letters, and phone calls he received while recovering from his accident last year.
Motion to Adjourn - Moved, seconded, and passed.
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