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Spectre Spotlight 2006
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By Pat Carpenter

I know I put my notes here The Spectre Association was honored to have a former 4th SOS commander and the current Director of Training for AFSOC as our guest speaker, Warren (Hart) Franklin. He was able to provide updates concerning current Gunship operations, as well as the planned move of one Gunship Squadron to Cannon AFB New Mexico. For those unable to attend, let me say that the current crews are doing us proud in the Global War on Terror, and that in the next few months and years you will see some significant changes to Hurlburt, as well as Cannon AFB. The first change has already taken place, with the change of the parent wing at Hurlburt back to the 1st SOW on the 16th of November 2006. The next change will be the activation of the 16th SOW at Cannon AFB sometime in 2007, and the eventual move of the 16th SOS to Cannon AFB.

With the planned move of the 16th SOS to Cannon, we as an organization need to start thinking about methods and ways we can support both organizations as they are separated. The banquet A major step was the enactment of the amendment to the by-laws to allow members who reside in places other than Fort Walton Beach to serve on the board of directors. The next is to step up our recruitment of active duty personnel into the organization, and develop a working relationship with the Squadron staff and senior NCOs within the squadron and support units. The board is moving forward toward that objective.

Hart also drew the winning names for the raffle, and who knew that we could make over $800 dollars for $200 worth of merchandise and booze?
By Barry Gossman

The Black Mountain Golf and Country Club will never be the same. Well let me start at the very beginning. Since transportation was limited, we all car pooled out to the course. I have to golf with these YAHOOS? The wife and I had the distinct pleasure of riding with Pat Carpenter and Bill Allen. Pat was the pilot and Bill was riding in the right seat. I knew we were in trouble when they started arguing over who had control of the A/C system in the car.

Roger, where is your hand at? While Pat was trying to figure out the controls, the vehicle started moving in the direction of the oncoming traffic. Bill smacked his hands and told him to keep his eyes on the dam road. Pat then looked up and realized he was off course and over corrected just a little bit bringing us pretty close to the curb (Didn't scare me cause I'm fearless-I'm a SPECTRE Gunner). He did recover and brought the vehicle back on course. Since Pat wasn't exactly sure of how to get to the Country Club he followed Spectre Joe. That was our first mistake. When we arrived at our final destination we all got out of the car and kissed the ground. Glad we know where we are going! It wasn't until I heard the Team assignment that I realized why Pat was going out of his way to scare the hell out of us. Bill Allen and my wife Debbie and I were on the same Team!! Thank god Angelo Pearson, our other team member, rode in another vehicle.

Black Mountain Country Club went out of their way to make us feel welcome. Little did they know the damage we could bring to a community? After the final team assignments were made we headed to hot cargo area (the club lounge) and loaded up with a full combat load of cold beer and Bloody Mary's. I sure needed it after the drive in with Pat. We then jumped in our carts and headed to the first tee box in a big convoy, which I must say, was very impressive.
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