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Spectre Spotlight 2006
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The first nine holes were laid out through a quiet, peaceful, community. The inhabitants must have known we were there because they were all in their backyards looking out at us. The announcement was made that the first Specter Team was about to tee off. A loud siren went off and all the spectators went running for cover. Mothers were grabbing their children and taking them indoors. The place instantly became a ghost town. I didn't even see any dogs or cats. After the first ball was hit I heard somebody in the community yell "INCOMING."

Oh no, Pat's with us? Well Pat's plan worked because my team was still shell shocked after the hellish ride in - we boogied the first two holes. It wasn't until the Bloody Marys and beer kicked in that we settled down. We all had great drives except that they landed in somebody's back yard. Definitely the first nine holes were not laid out for our Combat Golf tactics. After the last team finished on number nine I swore I could hear an "ALL CLEAR" come over a P.A. system in the housing area. They survived with minimum damage. The next nine holes were laid out in the desert. Only the wildlife had to fear us now.

The back nine was very beautiful and picturesque. The Desert Mountains in the background were breathtaking. We noticed these little chipmunk-looking things running all over the place. They reminded me of midget prairie dogs the way they stood up on their back legs. There's a varmit in this picture somewhere My wife asked me if we could get one and take it home. I immediately said, "Not No, but hell no". It wasn't until we hijacked the beer cart for a re-supply of ammo that we found out what these little creatures were. The girl driving the beer refueler said they were called ground squirrels. My wife asked her what they ate, and the girl told her peanuts and crackers. I went to the green to putt the ball and when I came back to the cart, my wife must have bought 10 pounds of peanuts and a case of crackers. Well before you know it, Deb and Angelo had these little desert rodents eating out of their hands. Bill and I just looked at them, drank our beer, and shook our heads. After a while even the jackrabbits started showing up. The word got out and every time we moved from hole to hole, a herd of ground squirrels and jackrabbits would follow us. I had to be careful I didn't run the little guys over it got so bad. Was I having a nightmare? Is this anyway to play golf?

Well I must say, we all had a great time and thank the Black Mountain Country Club for their fantastic hospitality. A special thanks must go to Ray Beranek for getting us a special deal at this golf club. Thank you Larry Hickey for the great pictures you took. Congratulations to the first place team, which was Barry Wilkens, and Roger and Cris Betterelli. Pat, your scare tactics did not work because the team of Bill Allen, Angelo Pearson, Barry and Debbie Gossman still took second. Better luck next time.
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