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Spectre Spotlight 2006
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Words from Dick...VP-elect
Some time back, Pat Carpenter asked me if I'd help out and I said ... 'Of course, I'll help you out with whatever you need or wherever I can..." next thing I know I'm nominated for the VP position. Then the typical railroad job at the Reunion Membership Meeting, where you close the nominations and elect the nominees by acclamation.

Besides my enlistment, I've very carefully only volunteered for one other thing during my thirty-plus year AF career and that was to be a Spectre Crewmember. Both of those episodes worked out well personally and professionally and I'm sure the new Spectre board position will be nothing short of memorable. I am quite pleased to help in any manner possible and this will be a great opportunity for me to repay the organization that has meant so much to my wife and me over the years. I am proud to be asked to serve and will absolutely support the decisions and direction of our great leadership and the membership of this Outstanding Spectre Association.

From Kim Coryat
I took an early retirement from the US Air Force in 1994 as a master sergeant with 16 years in service. I was an administrator with the exception of my last year which I spent as an additional duty First Sergeant. I worked in the Orderly Room at the 16th SOS from 1981 until 1983. I have been a member of the Spectre Association since 1981 and hold Lifetime Membership card number 105. I am currently an Archives Technician with the National Archives and Records Administration at the W.J. Clinton Presidential Library in Little Rock, AR. It's just a government job, okay?

Chuck Kaczmarczky
Former Gunner, retired Chief, nuff said!

Norm Evans
Norm is a retired Chief who served on AC-47s, AC-119s, AC-130s and Credible Chase. I'll let him explain that mission.. He is the current VFW Post 7476 Commander, a board member of the AC-119 Association, and grudgingly said he would serve another term on our board. (Guess he can't live without the pay?). Thanks Norm

Mark Johnson
Mark S. Johnson entered military service with the United States Army through the delayed enlistment program in November 1974. In November 1977, he was discharged from active duty Army. He entered the Air Force Reserve 1978 and served with the 711th SOS until he came back on to active duty with the 16th Special Operations Squadron in 1984. In 1996 he was assigned to the 4th SOS. He is the last person on active flying status to be qualified on the AC-130A, AC-130H, and the AC-130U. He retired as a Master Sgt. in September 2006 with over 30 years service.
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