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2014 Spectre Reunion "Spotlight"
SAD NEWS:  Dwight David Spaulding, age 62, (Spectre Life Support Ubon 71-72) passed away on Saturday, October 3, 2015

16 SOS ACFT #69569 BONEYARD RETIREMENT UPDATE!  Photos/Story of the Ceremony

NEW:  Great story about the new aircraft coming SOON:

Cool Story:  Spectre Pilot sets Guinness World Record "The Oldest Active Pilot"

SACRAMENTO — Peter Weber Jr. flew a plane for about 20 minutes on a recent Monday. The flight was nothing fancy, just three looping circles around an area airfield. But it could nonetheless snag a Guinness world record for him.

Weber, 95, told reporters gathered to witness the event that the Monday flight qualifies him as the oldest active pilot.

“I feel great,” the retired U.S. Air Force veteran said after landing and turning in the keys of the rental plane. “It was a short flight, but it was all the (Guinness) requirements.”

For the record: Weber was 95 years, 4 months and 23 days old at the time of the flight.

Weber and his son, Pete Weber III, who also flies, started looking into the record after they wondered whether the elder Weber was the oldest pilot in California.

Guinness lists Cole Kugel as the oldest pilot ever. Kugel, who lived in Longmont, Colo., flew for the last time in 2007 at age 105. He died the same year.

Weber, who exchanged emails with Guinness over many weeks, said the record keepers have designated a new category: Oldest qualified pilot still licensed and flying solo.

Weber’s record attempt comes as most people his age consider giving up driving a car, said Jessica Gonzalez, a spokeswoman for the California Department of Motor Vehicles. Forty percent of Californians over the age of 85 are licensed drivers, according to DMV and census records. Weber is one of them.

Private pilots over 40 are required to have medical exams every 24 months. The number of pilots over 90 with valid medical clearances totaled 106 as of June 2013, said Ian Gregor, a spokesman for the Federal Aviation Administration’s Pacific Division.

“If somebody passes me up, I’ll call them up and congratulate them,” Weber said.

On the potential record-setting flight, he flew alone in a rented Diamond DA20. It’s one of 37 plane models he’s flown in his 72 years as a pilot.

Weber’s military career began in the Army’s combat engineers unit. However, after the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor, he passed the test to be an aviation cadet and started his flying career in the Army Air Corps, forerunner of the U.S. Air Force.

During World War II, he flew P-38 fighters in the South Pacific, was an instrument flight instructor during the Korean War and flew an AC-130 gunship in Vietnam.

Weber, who began military service as a private, retired from the Air Force in 1970 as a lieutenant colonel. Since then he has flown for fun.

“I like to fly,” he said. “I fly at least twice a month. I like to observe and take anybody up for a ride who wants to go.”

He said that his good health, mental acuity and long life can be traced in part to his diet.

“My wife, Ruth, is a good cook,” he said. “We’ve been married 72 years. I was a cadet in primary flight training when we got married.”


AC-130 H Gunships 'Spectre'
Vol 3, Issue 2



Date:  6 May 2014
Location:  Canon AFB, NM
Guest Speaker:  Lt Gen Fiel

Ceremony was awesome!  A special Thank You to the men and women of the 16th SOS for hosting this great event and all the super hospitality to the former Spectres that attended.  The highlight was the dedication of Acft 69-6572 at the airpark

Special THANKS to Ed Metz for his $100 Donation to the Spectre Scholarship Fund in Memory of his buddy (and all of ours) Gunner Larry Hickey.  Thanks Ed as well for the Photo of Larry's Memorial

More Prayers Needed: Bob Pike has Lung Cancer. He is in Tucson Medical Center, they are going to do biopsy on him 3/7/2014


NEW!!!  1st Spectre Association Reunion Original Newspaper Article!  From (then) SMSgt Jim McHale.  Thanks Jim for sharing!

NEW!!!  Compliments of and BOB WOLFE
EVERY Version of Ghostriders in the Sky!!!  Just click the "Play" VCR Button Below and the forward and back buttons for next versions...enjoy!!!

SP Hotel Korat Article
Spectre guys doing what Spectre guys do!

Jan 18, 2013 Hurlburt Warrior Newspaper
"The most fearsome weapon is evolving" featured on pg. 14

And DON'T MISS our President, Bill Walter, featured on pg. 4 as well!
Thanks to Don "The Chief" Beardsley for sending this in!

NEW BOOK:  SPECTRE GUNNER:  This is the true story of  Master Sergeant David M. Burns, an aerial gunner assigned to the deadliest squadron in air force history. Aboard the AC-130 Spectre gunship, he flew a total of 287 combat missions over Laos, South Vietnam, and Cambodia, in pursuit of the truck traffic coming down the Ho Chi Minh Trail. His squadron destroyed more than fifteen thousand trucks loaded with war munitions destined for South Vietnam and Cambodia. Despite heavy and constant anti-aircraft and missile fire, the loss of six aircraft and the lives of fifty-two men, the crew never wavered in its dedication to the mission.
BLAST FROM THE PAST!  First Flight Engineers at Ubon
Photo from MSgt Chuck Beasley (FE) & Charlie Spicka (AC)
LOTS of NEW Spectre Pride & Vietnam Photos...check them out!
(Don't miss the Lang Metzger Memorial Page as well)


U.S. Air Force Col. Bill West, 27th Special Operations Group commander, Lt. Col. Tracy Onufer, 16th Special Operations Squadron relinquishing commander, and Lt. Col. James Mott, 16 SOS commander, stand as they commence the 16 SOS change of command ceremony at Cannon Air Force Base, N.M., Nov. 9, 2012. The 16 SOS flies the AC-130H Spectre gunship and provides air support. (U.S. Air Force photo/Senior Airman Jette Carr)

NEW!!!  New Videos from Ubon 1972 Donated by Larry "LiL Pete" Peterson...Thanks LiL Pete! AND 1970 "Sockey Game"
Photos of Spectre -v- Special Forces

Recently Declassified Report on
Fixed Wing Gunships in SEA!

Also NEW:  LOTS of NEW Photos of Rescue of "Spectre 22" and...
A Night to Remember Rescue of Spectre 22 Gunner Bob Jacobs

NEW Aircraft Audio from March 30, 1972
Spectre 22 MayDay
Spectre 22 Rescue

Full Page of NEW 1969Ubon Photos

from Gunner Len Johnson

Also...May 25, 1969 Ubon Stars and Stripes Article on the Loss of #629

A small Christmas Gift from us all!  Downloadable Christmas cards to email to your friends.  Just click on the small image then right click, "Save Image as" to save to your computer and email away!  Merry Christmas!!!

United States Special Operations Command (USSOCOM) Commander Admiral Eric Olson inducted Air Commando       Chief Master Sergeant Bill Walter (SPECTRE GUNNER) into the USSOCOM Commando Hall of Honor, Monday, 16 May at MacDill, AFB, FL. Click to visit page

Ret CMSgt Anthony (Tony) Denoi was honored this year at the Mercer Memorial Day 500 on Memorial Day May 30, 2011.  Please congratulate Tony if you know him!

Link to Photo Page


The 16th Special Operations Squadron has it's FIRST Female Commander! 

Congratulations to Lt. Col Tracy Onufer who took Command of the 16 SOS on 22 Feb 2011

"Spirit 03" Gulf War, Jan 31, 1991 (Aircraft 69-6567)

Shot down near the Kuwaiti border while supporting the Marines during the first Iraq offensive on January 31, 1991. The Air Force's biggest single lost of the Gulf War (14 out of 20 Air Force Personnel killed in the Gulf War were from Spirit 03).  See more info on Spirit 03 Page

"Gunny" R. Lee Ermey on the 40mm!
Download the Bill Walter Article
Fact vs. Folklore; the 40mm "L-60" Bofors Gun
Dave Burns Account of his "Trip to Tchepone"
(with photos Dec 2010)

Need Help with Names on all Photos for accuracy.  Please send me your inputs.  Start with brand new crew photo on lower Vietnam Pg 14.  Thanks!  ALSO, check out the funny stories under Spectre History, Hootch Stories.  -PJ Cook

Cool Spectre Tribute knife from a proud nephew of a Vietnam Gunner

16 SOS Has Moved to NM!

Click on Hurlburt Warrior Pic to read more.  We will miss you guys & gals and of course, the

Send in your Photos wearing Spectre Items all over the world.  We have a page dedicated to you showing your Spectre Pride.  Got the idea from the Steeler's Terrible Towel photos across world shown all over the Internet so send in those Pics!
WAR STORIES! (or even Hootch Stories)...send them in and we will make up a special page for them to share the memories!
Info on Lt Col Edward Hughes:  Please help

Does anyone remember landing during any missions in Vietnam with my husband, Lt Col Edward Hughes, (deceased March 23, 2009) perhaps during a mission between - May 72 to May 73?  Looking for possible link to Agent Orange and his illnesses.  Dealing with the VA is quite a task.   And if he did land, would there be a record of his mission in his service records or military service records during that time frame?
We are looking for buddy letters to be prepared on VA Form (I will provide) and notarized attesting to the remembrance and confirmation of LTC Ed Hughes, Fire Control Officer,  being on any Saigon Turnaround flights between May 72 and April 73, in support of my contention he may have contacted Agent Orange resulting in several of the disabilitating ailments he had when he died.  Can anyone attest to his landing  and getting off the plane at any of the three bases at or near Saigon - feet on the ground..   Apparently even more so, Agent Orange is now considered airborne (he did not have to be in the jungle) and Ed had a slew of ailments any one of might be connected.  I have his Flight Form 5's that do  indeed show all of his night flights, a couple of them with 2 sorties listed same evening.  I would be happy to discuss with anyone that could remember and attest, plus several with 5 hour plus missions..  Most appreciated...more below

I came across this picture that Ed told me to keep from a dinner - he did not put names on it.  Copilot lower left and pilot right next to him on the left.  Co-Pilot was on his way home next day... so must have been a goodbye party.  Apparently there are more and I will search them out.  Might this particular one tweak someone's memory.

Thank you.  If you have any info, please contact Charlotte Hughes:


Was a HUGE Sucess!  Thanks to all who attended!

Let us never forget...Anniversary of Call sign Spirit 03 Loss
Lost to a SAM near the border town of Khafji 50 miles south of Kuwait City
31 Jan. 1991.
Gunship Worries Air Force Magazine Article & Photos of the 16 SOS Going Away
& An Oldie but a Goodie:  1991 Mini-Reunion Photos

Lastly for some comic Relief:  Doc Proctor Page!

Membership HAS its Privileges!  Only 105 Made...105 SOLD! 
ALL 105 SOLD!!!  Thanks  UPDATE:  The Spectre Board of Directors, by unanimous vote, has purchased a Kimber .45 Commemorative Gunship Pistol with Spectre logo laser engraved presentation case.  This fine collector's weapon will be raffled off during the Oct Reunion.  See Kimber Page for Details

NOTICE TO MEMBERS-- The raffle will still be conducted at our annual reunion.  Please visit the Kimber page for easy to understand Raffle Details.  See you at the Sheraton in Ft Walton Beach this October.

Battle of An Loc Veterans (Crew Members):  The FAC who was involved with the Battle of An Loc in early April of 1972 is looking to contact crew members from SPECTRE who were part of the support package.  Specifically, he is attempting to contact the Pilots/FCO/NAV of Spectre 05 and Spectre 14 on the 7th of April 1972 missions.  He is also looking for any audio tapes members may have.  You can contact him through the following web site:  Thanks!

IRAQ and the AC-130 Article
(Published with Permission from Author: Maj Robert J. Seifert and WSTIAC Quarterly)

15TH Anniversary of Jockey 14 Crash off the Kenyon Coast.  Click to go to page. 
"we will never forget our comrades"!

"Friends of the First Lady" (AC-130A 129) Reunion April 25, 2009 Eglin Armament Museum Click for info

Looking for Battle of An Loc Crew Members Spectre 05/14 Click Here


"SS Mayaguez" Spectre Veterans Click here

"SS Mayaguez" Spectre Veterans:

I've been involved with a group of veterans (primarily Marines) who have organized to commemorate and honor those involved in the rescue and recovery of the SS Mayaguez and its crew in 1975. They have adopted the name "Koh Tang Beach Club" after the Cambodian island where hostilities primarily occurred.

To date, I'm the only Spectre type who has participated in their reunions. The next one is scheduled to commemorate the 35th anniversary of the event in May 2010. They have asked my help in identifying other Spectre personnel who participated for the purposes of inviting them to the next reunion.

Words cannot explain the degree of gratitude these men felt for the air cover provided by the USAF and especially Spectre. Many have told me that they would almost certainly have been overrun without it.

Please contact me with details. Thank you,   Don Raatz, Low Light TV Operator, 16th SOS, 1975

Flying squadron's first female commander has "skills, poise and guts"

1st Female Gunship Commander!!!
Lt. Col. Brenda Cartier becomes then first woman to command an
Air Force Special Operations flying squadron

Click above text to go to story below


Lt. Col. Brenda Cartier becomes then first woman to command an Air Force Special Operations flying squadron (Courtesy of Air Force Times)

Lt. Col. Brenda Cartier became the first female to command an Air Force Special Operations Command flying squadron Feb. 20 when she took command of the 4th Special Operations Squadron Ghostriders.

Cartier’s ascension comes 16 years after the Air Force first allowed women to fly combat missions and four and a half years after Lt. Col. Martha McSally became the first female to command an Air Force combat flying squadron.

Despite the time lapse, the AC-130U Spooky II fire control officer said AFSOC is “right on time” for having a female command a flying squadron and is pleased “the gender issue is becoming less and less highlighted.”

Cartier said she was one of many female junior officers to cross-train into combat aircraft after the Air Force lifted the ban in 1993 and expects to see more Air Force women taking command positions soon.

“To get to this point it takes a long time,” she said. “AFSOC is careful about developing its leadership and this is a culmination of that.”

Cartier graduated from undergraduate navigation training the same year women started flying combat missions, but missed the cut by a couple of months. She navigated E-3 AWACS her first four years, which included deployments to Turkey and Saudi Arabia.

She transferred to AC-130Us in 1997 and has since logged over 4,000 flying hours aboard the gunship. Cartier has deployed four times to Iraq and Afghanistan and flew aboard one of the first AC-130Us to cross the Iraq border, providing cover fire for special operations teams during the invasion.

However, a mission that stands out for Cartier is one when she never fired a shot. She was the fire control officer on one of two AC-130Us that flew over the special operations team that rescued Army Pfc. Jessica Lynch, the soldier captured by Iraq forces in 2003.

“Fire control officers like to shoot — but that night we didn’t have to shoot because the operation went so well and I was pretty happy about it,” Cartier said.

Cartier assumed command from her boss, Lt. Col. Jim Rodriquez, during a ceremony in Commando Hangar at Hurlburt Field, Fla. She had served as the squadron’s operations officer since 2007, which is the same year AFSOC named the Ghostriders the command’s top flying squadron.

In June, the Air Force awarded three 4th SOS airmen Distinguished Flying Crosses for a September 2007 mission in Iraq during which the Spooky II crew protected a Navy SEAL team from an insurgent attack.

“There is no doubt Brenda Cartier is the perfect officer to lead the 4th SOS into the future,” Col Dennis Pannell, 1st Special Operations Group commander, said during the ceremony. “She has the skill, poise and guts to take this squadron to the next level.

Way to go Brad!
Lt. Gen. David A. Deptula (left), deputy chief of staff for intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance at the Pentagon, passes the Guidon to
Maj. Gen. Bradley A. Heithold (former SPECTRE NAV) during the Air Force ISR Agency change of command ceremony held Feb. 11 at Lackland Air Force Base, Texas.

1st Spectre Qualified/Special Operator USAF Chief of Staff!

 General Schwartz assumes command of Air Force!

General Schwartz began his Air Force career in 1973 after graduating from the U.S. Air Force Academy with a bachelor's degree in political science and international affairs. During his 35-year career, he has logged more than 4,400 flying hours in a variety of aircraft and participated in war and peacetime operations in Vietnam, Iraq and Cambodia.

He served in several other command assignments, including Special Operations Command Pacific, Alaskan Command, Alaskan North American Aerospace Defense Command Region, and 11th Air Force. He also served as director of the Joint Staff at the Pentagon.

Many of us personally worked and flew with "Norty" on Spectre and can attest he is the "Best of the Best" General Officer, Leader, and Friend.  "Norty" was always truly friend of the Enlisted and Officer alike and often came to his Senior Enlisted to get a true "pulse" of the feeling of the men and women at Hurlburt.  We all congratulate him and his wife Suzie and wish him the best as he leads the entire Air Force!  We are in Great hands with "Norty" on the controls! 
Gen Norton Schwartz Bio


More 16 SOS News...
The Air Force signed the movement directive May 12 that formally authorizes the relocation of the 16th Special Operations Squadron and its eight AC130Hgunships from Hurlburt Field, Fla., to Cannon AFB, N.M, Air Force Special Operations Command announced May 15. The 16th SOS, formerly a part of Hurlburt's 1st Special Operations Wing, will transfer to the 27th SOW at Cannon, AFSOC's western hub since October 2007. The command anticipates the move of the gunships and associated aircrews and support personnel to be complete by November 2009, with an initial cadre moving this summer and the majority of the squadron in April 2009, AFSOC said. The transfer will involve approximately 600 positions. Members of the New Mexico Congressional delegation welcomed the news--which they got wind of prior to the public announcement--in a joint statement May 14.

I was on the site and found a NEW 16 SOS Patch.

Here is the official description:

16th Special Operations Squadron Emblem significance: Ultramarine blue and Air Force yellow are the Air Force colors. Blue alludes to the sky, the primary theater of Air Force operations. Yellow refers to the sun and the excellence required of Air Force personnel.

The Spectre has been a symbol of the 16th Special Operations Squadron and the AC-130 gunship since inception in the late 1960's. The Spectre appearing at night in a "covert" manner represents the unit's special operations mission.  It also represents the unit's gunship nighttime mission, to attack quickly and precisely and then vanish; much like the phantoms of folklore do. The unit's motto "Spectre" represents the nickname of the aircraft the squadron has flown since the Vietnam War and the "Spectre" symbol.

-PJ                                       Click on the patch to open a larger version.

National POW-MIA Remembrance Day is celebrated the third Friday of September in honor of all Prisoners of War (POWs) and soldiers who are considered
Missing in Action (MIA)



NEW: Thomas Hoza sent in some awesome photos of the guys and Ubon 69-70...Thanks Tom!


Terror War's Workhorse Falling Apart

Exclusive: Crucial AC-130 Gunship May Be Most Overworked Part Of The American Arsenal

Click the "Play" button to watch the CBS News report.

NEW:  Change of Address Form  Please use this to update your info
NEW: Thomas Hoza sent in some awesome photos of the guys and Ubon 69-70...Thanks Tom!
NEW!!!  We have added to the menu of all the "In Memory" pages a Story about the Discovery of the Crew remains of Spectre 044 in Laos.  Also link to a document showing the Spectres passed on since 1967
Thanks Chuck & Dave Burns for the updates!   -PJ
NEW!!!  UPDATE Bill Walter just sent photos in of AC-130A Acft# 011 in its final resting place at the DM Bone Yard! 
"We will miss you Old Gal"!  Check them out!
Bill Walter has sent in some AWESOME Photos to share. Check 'em out! Thanks Bill!   -PJ
NEW!!!  We now have a limited number of very nice POW/MIA Mini Dog Tags in the Web Store for sale.  They can be used for a Hat Pin, Tie Tac, Lapel Pin...or just a nice keepsake.  Check them out!
NEW!!!  UPDATE PJ Cook just scanned in the Early 80's 16 SOS Yearbook to bring back memories and for the folks who misplaced theirs to be able to to have once again.  The scans are located in the Yearbook Page.  Check them out!  Thanks to CMSgt Don Beardsley for being the lead creating this Yearbook back in the 80s!   -PJ
NEW!!!  UPDATE Chuck Kaczmarczyk just sent photos in of the Kentucky Vietnam Veterans Memorial! There is the name engraved of Leon Hunt--Lost 18 June 1972--Acft 0043.  Check them out!
Thanks Chuck!   -PJ
NEW!!!  UPDATE Bill Walter just sent MORE photos in!  AWESOME!  Check them out!
Bill Walter has sent in some AWESOME Photos to share. Check 'em out! Thanks Bill!   -PJ
Another Fallen Spectre:  Jerry Crodian informed us of the passing this year of John Kelchner.  He was a gunner while we were at Korat and was also our First Sergeant part of the time.  Don't know the exact date of his death.  John was a member of the Assoc.

HOT!!!  REUNION WAS A BLAST!     Click on event below for PHOTOS
(More coming SOON)
 Thursday-Warm-Up Party  , Friday-Buffet    
Business Meeting, Memorial Service, Static Displays, Banquet 
Anyone having Golf Tournament, Fishing, Shopping and BBQ pics please Upload them (
or email them to me)

SAD NEWS!  Spectre has lost a great friend.
Clyde "BUCK-O" Gowdy has passed 8/29/07.

Our thoughts and prayers are with his wife Jeri and family.

Burial was held Friday the 9/7/2007 at Beal Memorial Cemetery with Full Military Honors. 


NEW: Al Dilts sent in some awesome photos of the First Spectres at Ubon 68-69
NEW!!!  MORE Vietnam Crew Photos added courtesy of Jack Grolla!  Thanks Jack!
Direct Link to new photos:
NEW: Instructions for ftp uploading your Spectre Photos to be posted on this site.  You can use your browser or a ftp program.
NEW: Robert Thompson sent in some more awesome photos of the First Spectres at Ubon 68-69
NEW:  MORE UBON PICS.  Help me with the names folks.  Submitted by Bill Glen.  Link to New pics
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Web Site Survey Results:  NEW!!!  You asked for MORE Photos (Highest Rating) 30%, and a Web Store 22%     Here are some of mine (PJ Cook's Album) and the store IS OPEN!
NEW!!! Get In Touch with JAMES D. GRAVES:  I, James D. Graves, am looking for friends I have served with during the 1960's and 1970's. I have been recently diagnosed with ALS (Lou Gehrig's Disease) and was hoping to touch base with a few of the fellas I had the honor of serving with prior to becoming totally incapacitated by this gruesome disease.  The doctors estimate I have 1 year to live at most, but realistically, with the diseases rapid progression thus far I expect no more than 2-3 months at best.  I am located in Canton, Ohio.  I can be reach via my daughter's email address:   Thank you!  Regretfully Jim have passed on to a better life in November 2007.  Thanks to all that contacted him.
Thanks to all who made the 2007 Mini-Reunion a Success!  The 2007 Mini-Reunion was a success and there was great food and camaraderie had by all who attended.  Thanks to all who pitched in as well to make this another success!  Photos coming soon!
Posted 5/21/07
New Photo from Panama:  Thanks to Herman Herrera- "Spookyload".  This is a pic of Maj Jack Flanders crew in crazy matching shorts.
In Search Of:  ANYONE (that knows me)?  Please email Mike Allen:
NEW:  Photos of Paul Gilbert and Rich Haplain:  Thanks to Lauren Metzger, Daughter of Nav Langford Charles Metzger.  Please visit her memorial site dedicated to her father.  Lots of great SPECTRE info/pics.  Thanks again Lauren!
NEW:  24 May 69 Photos of interest:  Thanks to Kathleen Ottosen Daughter of Maj Ken Stockard) for submitting these awesome photos
In Search Of:  JIM CANIFORD'S PLAQUE: I am trying to locate the plaque of James K. Canford that was on the wall of the I.O Dayroom.  I last saw it Sept 1972.  Anyone have any idea what happened to it?  Please contact:  Ken Felty,
In Search Of:  Jim Cook, Jim was a navigator that crewed with me from Oct 1968 to Oct 1969 in AC-130s at Ubon. I last saw him in 1979 at Pope AFB, NC  If anyone can help please email Bill Krebs:
In Search of:  Vaughn O. Adams.  ,  If anyone can help please email:  Winston (Davy) Crotchett,
From Gunner Ed Metz:  You are the greatest bunch of guys I ever served with, keep up the great Spectre Spirit!
From Stephen Haynes:  I just found your web site today. I was very pleased to find such a great site about our gun ships. I was espicallly moved when I saw Tommy Adachie on the 625 listing and also his picture. That is the first time I have seen Tommy's face since the night they rolled off on 4-21-70. I was with the gun maintenance crew assigned to the 16th SOS. Tom and I were friends in basic trng. and at Lockbourn AFB where I first started on AC 130's. Thank you for such a wonderful site honoring those of the 16th SOS. I am having the names of all crew members of 625 painted non the faring of my 07' Harley Davidson Ultra Classic as a humble way of honoring their service to our great nation.
In Search Of:  Gary "Ozzie" Osborne; Corky Thomas and Larry Long, Ubon and Korat 1973 to 1975,  If anyone can help please email:  Paul Broome,
NIGHT OWL Web Surfers:  Be advised that our website will be down for scheduled Maintenance:  On Tuesday and Wednesday May 15th and 16th, 2007, our web host company will install all of the security updates currently available for the server where your website(s) and/or database(s) reside, as well as any patches required.  This maintenance will occur between 02:00 a.m. and 06:00 a.m EDT and the estimated downtime is between 15 - 30 minutes.  -Posted 5/8/07
CMS Jim Wyttenbach (former 16/4 SOS AG) retiring 18 May 07 at Charleston AFB, SC:  Jim is an awesome guy that we all had LOTS of laughs with in Spectre!  I am Col Frank Fields, former Talon pilot and now OG/CC at Charleston AFB. Chief Jim Wyttenbach (4 SOS, 16 SOS, AFSOC) is retiring from the AF on 18 May. I am presiding at the ceremony and am looking for any good stories about him I can mention at the retirement. Can you check with the Spectre network to help me find some good stuff on him? Thanks!  Sounds like a challenge!!  Email Col Frank Fields:  -Posted 5/8/07
NEW:  Add THIS page (Spectre-Association main page) to your favorites and you should see the patch as the icon when you look at your favorites (instead of the "regular web page stuff!  -Posted 5/7/07
NEW:  20 Versions of "Ghostriders in the Sky" MP3 for your listening pleasure!  -Posted 5/6/07
May 1, 2007 Board Meeting Minutes Posted  -Posted 5/6/07
“Gathering of Mustangs and Legends” air show, The show takes place at Rickenbacker Airport in Columbus,   Ohio, September 27-30, 2007. There will be more than 100 Mustangs at the show. 100 MUSTANGS Don’t miss this once in a lifetime event.  As an old Spectre and troop carrier FE I am just wondering if anyone would be interested if I could set up our VFW post for an informal get together on Saturday nite after the flying activities at the air show.  We are located on the east side of Columbus in Reynoldsburg and not too hard to locate.  I sure would like to see some of my buddies from days gone by and we might even be able to have a mini Air Force 60th birthday celebration.  If anyone is interested let me know asap and I will see what I can do to set it up.  Dan Friedlander Spec 04   Posted 5/6/07
New Photo of 24 May 69 Crew - Kenneth E. Stockard in picture (top row, 2nd from Left)
Photo donated by Ken's Daughter, Kathleen Ottosen Thanks to Kathleen hopefully some other loved ones will identify the other crewmembers -Posted 5/6/07
Photos of Annual Reunion - October 6-8, 2006 - Las Vegas, Nevada
HUGE "Thanks" to Larry Hickey for the pics!Posted 5/1/07
First Combined Fixed Wing Gunship Reunion
The 2007 Spectre Reunion is also coming!  Please visit the Reunion page for more info Posted 5/1/07
Spotlight - posted 03/08/07 The 2006 Spotlight is posted, and is available in an online version as well as a PDF document.  Read the Spotlight . . .
Spectre Association Ballot - posted 03/08/07 The Spectre Assoc. ballot is now available as a PDF document. Just download it, print it out, fill it out and mail it to the address on the ballot. Note: Ballots must be received no later than May 15, 2007.  Ballot . . .
New Photo from Ubon - posted 03/01/07   Thanks to Jack MacDonald for sending in photos from Ubon, March 1972.  Vietnam / Southeast Asia .
Apologies from the Webmaster - posted 03/01/07 We've recently received emails from several people are unable to contact the Quartermaster through this website. We've tracked down the problem and fixed it so you can reach him now. Sorry for the inconvenience.
In Search Of - posted 02/01/07   Have you checked this page recently? We've added several lately, along with requests for information and photos. Take a look and see if someone is looking for you or you know the person they're looking for. go to the In Search Of page . .
New Photo - posted 01/29/07  Thanks to John Horoszewski & Mike Lacey for sending an Electronic Warfare class photo. Captain Joel Birch and Capt Mark Danielson are in the photo. Vietnam / Southeast Asia .
New Photos - posted 01/25/07 Thanks to Bill Walter for sending photos for the Grenada and Panama sections, as well as identifying Spectres in a "Forward Cargo Compartment" photo in the OOTW section. One of the Panama photos is of Paul Weaver's crew; Paul Weaver and Tim Harrison are in the photo.  Grenada . . .  Panama . . .  Operations Other Than War
New Photos - posted 01/22/07   Thanks to Hank Rother for sending in Spectre Ubon 71-72 photos.  Vietnam / Southeast Asia .
New Photos - Spectre 22 Rescue - posted 01/11/07  Thanks to Joe Lentz, son of Lt. Col. Omer F. Lentz, for submitting photos of the Spectre 22 rescue, March of 1972.  Vietnam / Southeast Asia .
Dependents of Spectres Who Gave Their ALL - posted 10/04/06   We have had questions about scholarship information for children of Special Operations Forces members. The Special Operations Warrior Foundation and the Special Operations Association websites both contain info about the scholarships they offer:  Special Operations Warrior Foundation . . .Special Operations Association
New "In Memory" Photos - posted 08/16/06 Thanks to Wes Fields for "filling in the gaps" on our Desert Storm and Kenyan Crash memorial pages by providing photos of many of the crew members. Also, Wes has created memorial pages on his website for each of the crews; there are links to his web pages on our "In Memory" pages listed below.  Desert Storm - Spirit 03 . . . Kenyan Crash - Jockey 14 . . .
Retirement Notice - posted 08/09/06 MSGt Mark Johnson is retiring on September 29, 2006, at 1400, 4SOS. He's the last active enlisted man to be qualified on all the AC-130s. Check back for more details.
Silent Gun - posted 07/08/06 MSgt Larry D. Bower passed away on 5 July 2006. Larry was a Life Member (#018) of the Spectre Association. The memorial service will be at 3PM on July 9, 2006 at the Emerald Coast Funeral Home at 113 Racetrack Road, FWB. "Gone but not forgotten."
New "Somalia" and "Bosnia" Photos - posted 07/06/06 Thanks to Wes Fields for submitting these photos. Somalia . . .Bosnia . . .
2005 Spotlight - posted 07/03/06 Hot off the presses! The 2005 Spotlight is now available online. view Spotllight
Updated Photo Info - posted 06/19/06 Thanks to Bill Kehler for updating the names of the crew list for Willie's Watertower Watchers.  Vietnam / Southeast Asia
New Photos - posted 06/19/06 Thanks to Mark Gerschefske for submitting a photo of Surprise Package and photos from Ubon. Surprise Package . . .Vietnam / Southeast Asia
2006 Reunion Updates - posted 06/06/06 We have added information about the reunion registration costs and the menus for the various activities. You will also find the Reunion Application (Registration) form, the Scholarship Application form and the Ballot form. more info
2006 Reunion Updates - posted 06/06/06 We have added information about the reunion registration costs and the menus for the various activities. You will also find the Reunion Application (Registration) form, the Scholarship Application form and the Ballot form. more info
New Photos - posted 06/01/06 Thanks again to Bob Liberty for submitting more photos from Ubon. Vietnam / Southeast Asia
New "Vietnam / Southeast Asia" Photos - posted 05/18/06 Thanks to Bob Liberty for submitting photos from Ubon. Vietnam / Southeast Asia
New Photos - posted 05/11/06 Thanks to Mike McCarthy for submitting photos from Somalia and Operations Other Than War.  Somalia . . .
Operations Other Than War
Updated "Aircraft & Crews" Photo Information - posted 05/04/06 Thanks to Bob Buckman and Rob McNichol for sending in names to go with several of the crew photos in the Vietnam / Southeast Asia section.  Vietnam / Southeast Asia
New "Aircraft & Crews" Photos - posted 04/21/06 Thanks to John Cahoon and John Horoszewski for submitting photos from Ubon. Vietnam / Southeast Asia
2005 Reunion Photos - posted 04/14/06 We have posted the 2005 reunion photos. A group of folks, led by Roger Betterelli, went through and identified as many of the people in the photos as they could. There are still quite a few photos with "???" on them. If you know the person(s) in any of these photos, please contact us. Thanks and enjoy! view reunion photos
New "Aircraft & Crews" Photo - posted 03/02/06  Thanks to Phil Hawkshead for submitting photos from Ubon. Vietnam / Southeast Asia
New Photos - posted 03/01/06 Thanks to Ron Girard for submitting a photo of Surprise Package and numerous photos from Ubon.  Surprise Package . . .Vietnam / Southeast Asia
New "Aircraft & Crews" Photo - posted 02/23/06 Thanks to Dave Puerner for submitting photos from Desert Storm. Desert Storm
New Link - posted 02/23/06 Don Schiele's Photo Gallery - 91 photos of Don's tour in Southeast Asia, including the trip over there and the survival training. go to Links page
Prometheus - Corrections - posted 02/15/06 We have corrected information about 044, Prometheus. The #3 & #4 props were shot off in November 1971, not December. Thanks to Ron Girard for catching this and sending in images of the November 26, 1971, Phantom Flyer article.
more info, plus article images
New "Aircraft & Crews" Photo - posted 02/15/06 Thanks to Bill Cotton for submitting photos from Ubon. Vietnam / Southeast Asia
2006 Annual Reunion - posted 01/11/06 October 6-8, 2006 Las Vegas, Nevada We have posted information about the Plaza Hotel and Casino, along with reservation details. The board is continuing to work out the details of the reunion and we will post them as they are made available. Thanks for your patience. more info
New ACFT 043 Crew Photos and Collage - posted 01/03/06 We've added photos of many of the crewmembers of the ACFT 043 lost in Vietnam. Thanks to Vanessa Carter for sending in this collage to us to share. go to Southeast Asia "In Memory" page . The collage is also located on the Vietnam / Southeast Asia "Aircraft & Crews" page .
New "Aircraft & Crews" Photo - posted 01/03/06 We've added a photo of Capt Havel's Crew from Desert Storm. Thanks to Robert Derby for sending in this photo. go to Desert Storm "Aircraft & Crews" page
William Eyler - posted 01/03/06 We've added a photo of William Eyler, crewmember lost in the Kenyan Crash. Thank you to Tom Parker for sending this to us to share. go to Kenyan Crash In Memory page .
New Desert Storm "In Memory" Photos - posted 01/03/06 We've added photos of John Blessinger, Timothy Harrison and James May, crewmembers lost during Desert Storm. Thank you to Tom Parker for sending these in. go to Desert Storm In Memory page
New Addition - "Aircraft & Crews" Pages - posted 11/29/05 We've added a new set of pages called Aircraft & Crews. Several folks have sent in photos from Ubon and we didn't have a good spot to put them on the website so we decided to create a new section. If you have photos from Ubon, Desert Storm, Panama, OOTW, etc. that you'd like to share, please send them our way. Each of the new pages has a link to email them to us.
go to "Aircraft & Crews" page
Message from the President - posted 11/17/05 Your new Spectre Association president, Pat Carpenter, has posted a message.  view President's Message page
Robert Elliott - posted 11/15/05 We've added two photos of Robert Elliott, crewmember lost in Southeast Asia, December 21, 1972. Thank you to Mark Elliott Lewis, his nephew, for sending these to us to share. go to Southeast Asia In Memory page . .
The Warlord - posted 11/15/05 We've added a photo of The Warlord. Thank you to Steve Whitton for sending it in. He's recently sent some other photos so check back soon to see those. go to AC-130A Model Aircraft Listings page
Timothy Harrison - posted 10/13/05 We've added a photo of Timothy Harrison, crewmember lost during Desert Storm. Thank you to the anonymous member who sent this in. go to Desert Storm In Memory page
USAF Medical Team in Iraq - posted 08/15/05 BALAD, IRAQ - The first rule of war is that young men and women die. The second rule of war is that surgeons cannot change the first rule. read more . . .

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